Here is where we show you who has the best long-term success overall.  This page will combine the pick records for each handicapper covering all sports, so you can get a real feel for who has shown a propensity to beat the odds year after year.

This is one of my favorite tools for selecting a handicapper because it covers such a long period of time.  If you can beat the odds over several thousands of picks then it will be due to your expertise and not just luck.

All Sports Top Trends
Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
Teddy Davis+16461.01612133954.6%2015-11-23
Rob Vinciletti+15961.53149271153.7%2014-10-04
Kyle Hunter+14662.06413582152.4%2010-01-13
Jack Jones+13561.03815341352.8%2012-01-03
Jeff Hochman+12083.089669856.2%2012-10-27
Steve Merril+11549.03068264053.8%2011-08-15
Jeff Alexander+11506.02938258753.2%2013-11-30
John Martin+11506.02762254352.1%2016-01-12
Sal Michaels+11219.085370054.9%2017-09-12
Mike Williams+10831.070759154.5%2017-09-19
Bobby Wing+10818.054346154.1%2018-02-23
Alex Smart+10704.02171191753.1%2016-08-07
Don Anthony+9978.02208193353.3%2014-07-19
Info Plays+9387.062651954.7%2017-10-01
Cole Faxon+9352.037231154.5%2018-04-06
Rocky's Lock Club+8934.01821154954.0%2013-01-13
Bobby Conn+8883.084874053.4%2017-09-16
Zack Cimini+8142.097884353.7%2015-08-19
Dave Price+7275.03160278153.2%2011-06-08
Johnny Banks+7091.027417361.3%2018-07-29
Hunter Price+6132.086572354.5%2017-07-06
Jeff Allen+6126.02671239652.7%2010-07-07
Bryan Power+5881.02866234455.0%2015-07-12
Totals Guru+5606.088075653.8%2017-03-23
Kenny Walker+5511.035030453.5%2018-02-19