This is one of my favorite pages for people to find a handicapper to follow during college football.  The long term trends page shows you just how well a service has done over the course of several seasons.

Anyone can get lucky and win a few games in a row, but a handicapper has to have a true skill to beat the number on a consistent basis time after time, season after season.  You can see the wins and losses for each handicapper, along with how much a $100 per game bettor would have made since the streak started.  The longer the streak and the more games it encompasses the more confident you can be that the handicapper truly knows what he is doing.

Top Trends
Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
Kyle Hunter+12152.0105885755.2%2009-11-12
Rob Vinciletti+10310.082765655.8%2014-09-18
Jack Jones+8962.095979554.7%2012-10-23
John Martin+7840.01350116553.7%2012-10-23
Jeff Alexander+7086.082368954.4%2017-09-09
Marc Lawrence+5435.044835855.6%2014-09-25
Jesse Schule+4984.059846356.4%2013-01-07
Calvin King+4727.025619057.4%2021-09-06
Info Plays+4725.044736655.0%2017-09-30
Dustin Hawkins+4521.047338954.9%2017-11-04
Bobby Conn+4396.046838754.7%2017-11-14
Cole Faxon+4304.028321956.4%2019-10-17
Sean Murphy+3882.040933854.8%2018-09-01
Black Widow+3825.020515257.4%2021-09-25
Jimmy Boyd+3570.091981053.1%2012-09-28
Mark Wilson+3244.025019855.8%2020-11-21
Alex Smart+3168.0105292953.1%2014-09-13
Big Al McMordie+3135.057549553.7%2016-11-05
Chip Chirimbes+3126.029123755.1%2020-09-19
Michael Alexander+2864.018614356.5%2021-10-29
Rocky's Lock Club+2708.030024954.6%2018-11-23
Jeff Hochman+2574.01178358.5%2016-11-26
Doc's Sports+2546.057650653.2%2008-11-27
Johnny Banks+2449.030024954.6%2018-12-29
Totals Guru+2440.044638453.7%2017-09-09