It’s no surprise that you find some of the same names showing up on the seasonal leaderboards year after year.  The guys on this page know how to handicap the NBA and produce profits for their clients year in and year out.

When a handicapper has shown a profit how do you know if it’s just luck?  The more results we document the more confident we then become that the handicapper is winning based on their skill and not luck.

The NBA is great because the season is so long that over time we can accumulate thousands of picks for each handicapper.  If over 1,000 picks a guy is still hitting close to 55%, we can feel pretty confident that he knows what he is doing and our money should be following his recommendations.

Top Trends
Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
Jack Jones+20142.02390203354.0%2009-03-22
Jeff Alexander+16283.03004263453.3%2008-04-30
Stephen Nover+12441.01335110254.8%2011-05-07
Bobby Conn+11845.01406118154.4%2014-01-03
Mr. East+10811.02368209753.0%2008-10-28
Dave Price+10395.01458125753.7%2012-01-17
Dustin Hawkins+8331.090676354.3%2017-12-14
Rocky's Lock Club+8320.077964554.7%2012-05-06
Teddy Davis+7498.088075054.0%2015-11-04
Totals Guru+7101.070457954.9%2017-03-23
Doc's Sports+6873.088676153.8%2018-01-19
Mike Williams+6536.052942955.2%2020-01-28
Alex Smart+6394.01625144053.0%2016-12-13
John Martin+5661.02557232452.4%2013-01-04
Jesse Schule+5561.058145356.2%2016-02-02
Bobby Wing+5528.087775153.9%2018-03-09
Black Widow+4686.024618157.6%2021-06-18
Kenny Walker+4619.054545654.5%2018-02-23
AAA Sports+4285.054546054.2%2018-11-06
Calvin King+4240.01045665.0%2022-12-06
Matt Fargo+4060.01727156752.4%2008-11-14
Zack Cimini+3712.052945853.6%2015-04-30
Kyle Hunter+3705.026521155.7%2017-01-13
John Ryan+3666.026321055.6%2018-03-24