If you want to know who has been our best long-term handicapper in the NHL then this is the place to find out.  We have rankings of everyone on our site and how they have done handicapping hockey.

This page doesn’t just show how the handicappers are doing this year, this page shows how they have done going back several years.  As you can see, we have some guys who win and win consistently for their clients.

When a guy has logged hundreds of picks into our system and has shown that he can produce a profit, you know that it’s not just luck, but his expertise that is producing the profits.

Top Trends
Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
Jeff Hochman+7817.026817360.8%2012-06-11
Hunter Price+7399.067957554.1%2017-04-30
Rocky Atkinson+7138.052447752.4%2008-10-11
Scott Rickenbach+5231.072571250.5%2016-12-30
Matt Fargo+4582.047137255.9%2015-12-08
Black Widow+4340.025121254.2%2018-10-11
Totals Guru+4124.026721056.0%2019-02-27
Alex Smart+3986.035330253.9%2017-10-04
Bobby Conn+3814.025221953.5%2019-01-02
Johnny Banks+3348.03748322353.8%2009-12-17
Stephen Nover+3070.038434652.6%2018-02-13
Kenny Walker+2696.023722051.9%2018-05-01
Cole Faxon+2368.016814354.0%2019-01-04
Sean Higgs+2310.016915152.8%2020-08-20
Sal Michaels+2304.037737250.3%2018-02-09
Steve Janus+2238.017314554.4%2019-11-18
Michael Alexander+2220.021714759.6%2019-11-02
Frank Sawyer+2182.018814556.5%2017-04-30
Kevin Young+2067.018818650.3%2018-11-11
Mark Wilson+2058.025822653.3%2018-11-13
Ross Benjamin+2028.032529952.1%2012-04-12
Sean Murphy+1974.018313557.5%2020-08-06
Mike Williams+1577.0261661.9%2021-04-29
Dustin Hawkins+1463.0322259.3%2021-04-17