If you really want to know who the best NFL handicapper is then you should look at their long-term records.  With such a short season anyone can get on a hot run, but the guys who really know how to beat the odds will have winning season after season.

That is why this is one of my favorite ways to find a handicapper to follow.  If a guy has hundreds of NFL picks logged into our system and has proven to hit at a high rate for several years, then I can feel confident that he is actually an expert and hasn’t just been on a lucky run.

Top Trends
Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
Scott Rickenbach+7935.057745655.9%2012-09-10
Jeff Hochman+7806.025415861.6%2011-11-27
Vic Duke+6775.068856355.0%2010-10-11
Rob Vinciletti+4796.081969854.0%2009-11-08
Art Aronson+4715.038730855.7%2015-10-08
Jeff Alexander+4665.070760553.9%2013-09-30
Freddy Wills+4634.019914458.0%2017-12-03
Info Plays+4433.063754154.1%2011-11-20
John Martin+4381.036929555.6%2016-11-21
Matt Fargo+4250.084472853.7%2008-09-04
Dave Price+4130.045837954.7%2012-09-30
Teddy Davis+3626.020615257.5%2017-11-26
Rocky's Lock Club+3602.037330754.9%2011-11-20
Johnny Banks+3108.01191105053.1%2011-12-11
Jimmy Boyd+2972.01218359.3%2019-09-19
Stephen Nover+2952.052343854.4%2011-12-11
Jack Jones+2917.027021755.4%2016-11-20
Will Rogers+2839.014910957.8%2018-12-23
Big Al McMordie+2663.0724163.7%2020-11-08
Sal Michaels+2573.015311557.1%2017-11-19
Kyle Hunter+2530.039433853.8%2010-12-12
Sean Murphy+2326.023719255.2%2017-12-23
Larry Ness+2235.020215956.0%2018-09-16
Rocky Atkinson+2120.014511356.2%2013-12-15
Brandon Lee+1975.057150253.2%2012-09-20