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Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Apr 19, 2021
Brewers vs Padres
-150 at Mirage
Play Type: Premium

MLB Off shore steam move on San Diego. Game 956 at 10:10 eastern. Jumbo in on the Padres. From the database The Brewers apply to a 2-13 play against system. Move on SD Tonight.

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Apr 19, 2021
Rockets vs Heat
-10 -110 at Draft Kings
Play Type: Free

Monday card has 2 big NBA Perfect system totals, one os the Top Rated Game Of The Month, there is also the NHL West Division game of the Month and a Powerful MLB Card with a perfect system dog. Sunday card goes 4-1. NBA Comp play below.

The NBA Comp play is on Miami at 8:10 eastern. The Heat pulled off a big win here over Brooklyn and now has Houston coming in off a road win over Orlando. Home favorites with no rest and a total that is more than 200 are 11-1 to the spread since 1995 if they covered as a home dog and are taking on a team off a road game.  The Rockets are 0-5 ats off a win look for the Heat to hammer Houston here tonight. On Monday a Powerful MLB Card is up with a perfect system dog. In the NHL we have the West Division Play of the month and a Pair of Undefeated NBA Totals system plays, one is the top rated Total of the Month. Jump on and cash out as we start the week big. For the NBA Comp play. Make it Miami. Rob V- GC Sports

Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Apr 19, 2021
Cardinals vs Nationals
+107 at pinnacle
Play Type: Premium

The MLB Power SYSTEM play is on Washington. Game 952 at 7:05 eastern. The Cards are favored here. However teams like the Cardinals that arrive off a a road loss and had 4 or less hits in a game where the total is 8 or less and the opponent is off a home favored loss are a lousy 1-8 since 204 and 0-6 of they lost that light hitting game by 2 or more. Flaherty goes for the Cards and The Nats lost to him 14-3 last week so a little home  cooking pay back is on order tonight. Ross for Washington has not allowed a run in 2 starts this year spanning 11 innings, one of those starts was against the Dodgers. In his 3 starts over St. Louis all wins he has allowed just 2 runs combined.. The Nats are 6-2 as home dogs, 21-5 vs N.L Central teams and 7-1 at home when the total is 7 to 8.5. The Cards have lost 5 of 6 vs rightys and the last 4 vs a team that allowed 5 or more runs. The Nats have won 6 of 7 in the series. Play on Washington.

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Apr 19, 2021
Grizzlies vs Nuggets
OVER 228 -104 Won
Play Type: Premium

The NBA Totals Play is on the Over in the Memphis at Denver game. Rotation numbers 515/516 at 9:10 eastern. Both teams are off big offensive games on the road. Denver won and covered putting up 128 while Memphis is off a big upset win also putting up 128. Thats sets up an Undefeated totals system direct from the database that plays over for any home team with a 210 or higher total that covered by 14 or more as a road favorite, vs an opponent that covered by 14 or more as a road dog. This system dates to 1995 with every game playing over the total. The Nuggets are 8 of 9 over on Mondays and 8 of 10 over with 2 days rest. The Grizzlies are 6 of 6 over off a spread win and 4 of 4 over after scoring 125 or more as well as 17 of 22 on the road. Look for these two to play over the total.

BONUS NBA Totals System on the over in the Phoenix at Milwaukee game. Road favorites like Phoenix that are off a home spread loss of 21 or more points  are 5-0 over vs a team like the Bucks that are off a spread loss by 14 or more at home. Play this game over.

Matchup Selection W/L
NHL  |  Apr 19, 2021
Wild vs Coyotes
-141 at pinnacle
Play Type: Premium

The NHL Power System Play is on Minnesota. Game 43 at 9:10 eastern. This game fits 2 powerful systems. The Better of which is playing on certain road favorites off back to back home favored wins, vs an opponent like Arizona that is off a home dog win. The Wild have won 8 of 9 in this series and 4 of 5 in a 3rd game in 4 night spot. They are 16 of 21 when favored and have won 13 of 17 after allowing 2 or less goals. Arizona has lost the last 4 with 1 day of rest and are 0-4 vs .600 or better teams. Make it Minnesota tonight.

Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Apr 20, 2021
Astros vs Rockies
OVER 10 -120
Play Type: Premium

MLB Members only over 10 Houston at Colorado at 8:40 eastern

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Apr 20, 2021
Hornets vs Knicks
UNDER 208½ -110
Play Type: Premium

The  NBA Totals Play is on the UNDER in the Charlotte at NY. Knicks game at 7:30 eastern. This should be a bit of a defensive battle. Charlotte is 16 of 20 under including 4 of 4 on Tuesdays and 5 of 6 off a spread win. NY is ranked #3 overall in defensive efficiency and the last 4 in the series have stayed under. Below is a 12-1 under system which is perfect if you take out last seasons bubble game. We are playing the under in games where a rested home conference team is in off a home favored win and cover by 7 or more, scoring 120 or more, vs an opponent off a home dog spread win by 7 or more and scored 100 or more. Home temas with a 210 or less total are on a 20-5 Under run as well. Look for this game to stay under.

O/U:1-12-0  avg total: 211.4


Team: 99.9

Opp: 95.3

Nov 05, 1999recapFri1999TrailblazersNuggetshome95-831&2-13.5201.512-1.5-23.5-12.5-11.0WLUFalse

Mar 16, 2003recapSun2002RocketsSunshome85-751&2-4.5193.5105.5-33.5-14.0-19.5WWU0

Nov 14, 2007recapWed2007NuggetsTrailblazershome110-931&0-11.0211.5176.0-8.5-1.2-7.2WWU0

Apr 07, 2010recapWed2009PacersKnickshome113-1052&0-10.0221.08-2.0-3.0-2.5-0.5WLU0

Dec 08, 2013recapSun2013KnicksCelticshome73-1141&1-5.5192.0-41-46.5-5.0-25.820.8LLU0

Apr 10, 2014recapThu2013WarriorsNuggetshome99-1003&0-12.0214.5-1-13.0-15.5-14.2-1.2LLU0

Mar 27, 2015recapFri2014SpursMaverickshome94-761&2-9.5206.0188.5-36.0-13.8-22.2WWU0

Mar 21, 2017recapTue2016PelicansGrizzlieshome95-821&2-3.0205.51310.0-28.5-9.2-19.2WWU0

Nov 06, 2018recapTue2018HornetsHawkshome113-1022&2-11.5230.511-0.5-15.5-8.0-7.5WLU0

Jan 08, 2019recapTue2018RaptorsHawkshome104-1011&1-14.0228.53-11.0-23.5-17.2-6.2WLU0

Mar 06, 2019recapWed2018NetsCavaliershome113-1071&2-8.5225.56-2.5-5.5-4.0-1.5WLU0

Nov 18, 2019recapMon2019ClippersThunderhome90-881&2-9.5221.02-7.5-43.0-25.2-17.8WLU0

Aug 04, 2020recapTue2019ClippersSunshome115-1172&1-9.0220.5-2-

 Apr 20, 2021recapTue2020KnicksHornetshome1&1-5.5208.0

Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Apr 20, 2021
Diamondbacks vs Reds
-141 at linepros
Play Type: Premium

MLB just dropped off shore steam move on the Reds. Game 902 at 6:40 eastern. Jumbo buy order down on this one and the Reds fit a nice 12-1 system pertaining to their home dog loss last out. Mo Move on Cincy

Matchup Selection W/L
NHL  |  Apr 20, 2021
Rangers vs Islanders
+111 at pinnacle
Play Type: Top Premium

The NHL TOP play is on the NY. Rangers. Game 59 at 7:10 eastern. The Rangers are rolling having won the last 4 and they take on the Islanders tonight with revenge. This is significant because the revenger in the series has won 7 straight. Below is a massive dog system that has cashed 11 straight times since 2011 playing against home favorites like The Islanders that are off a road favored win, a prior road loss now playing a team off a road favored win. The average line in these games is nearly -150 so we see a real live dog here. Best kept secret. The Rangers are 5th in the division but have the best goal differential and they are 6-1 in a 4th game in 6 night scenario. Look for the Rangers to serve up revenge tonight.

SU:0-11   avg line: -149.2  

Apr 03, 2011Sunday2010BlackhawksLightninghome0-10-00-10-2-1965.5-2LU1

Mar 16, 2014Sunday2013RangersSharkshome0-10-00-00-1-1105.5-1LU0

Mar 24, 2015Tuesday2014IslandersWildhome0-01-00-11-2-1455.0-1LU1

Feb 26, 2019Tuesday2018IslandersFlameshome0-01-10-21-3-1106.0-2LU0

Dec 17, 2019Tuesday2019BruinsKingshome1-11-11-13-4-2605.5-1LO1

Dec 19, 2019Thursday2019AvalancheHurricaneshome0-00-01-31-3-1156.0-2LU0

Feb 08, 2020Saturday2019KnightsHurricaneshome2-11-02-45-6-1456.0-1LO1

Feb 11, 2020Tuesday2019PenguinsLightninghome1-00-10-01-2-1256.0-1LU1

Mar 04, 2020Wednesday2019CapitalsFlyershome1-01-30-22-5-1496.5-3LO0

Mar 03, 2021Wednesday2020BruinsCapitalshome0-00-01-11-2-1506.0-1LU1

Apr 03, 2021Saturday2020HurricanesStarshome1-11-10-12-3-1605.5-1LU0

Apr 20, 2021Tuesday2020IslandersRangershome

Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Apr 20, 2021
White Sox vs Indians
White Sox
-113 at pinnacle
Play Type: Top Premium

The MLB Power System play is on Chicago-Whitesox. Game 911 at 6:10 eastern. Chicago is 21-8 as a road favorite and tonight they fit the undefeated system below that plays on road favorites with a total of 8 or less and are off a road loss where they had 4 or less hits  vs a team like Cleveland that is off a -140 or higher road favored win by 2 or more runs. These road warriors win by an average 8-3 score. The Sox are 4-1 in games where the total is 7 to 8.5. Cleveland is 1-5 as a home dog and has lost 5 of 6 in game one of a series. Rodon has been lights out and went undrafted in most fantasy leagues. He defeated Cleveland and Pleasc 8-0 last week. Look for Chicago to take the opener.





Aug 07, 2006boxMonawayPhilliesBrett Myers - RBravesHoracio Ramirez - L9-63W5.5O10-120-16-0-1209.59

Apr 23, 2010boxFriawayCubsRyan Dempster - RBrewersJeff Suppan - R8-17W0.0P13-81-37-0-1259.09

Sep 09, 2010boxThuawayCardinalsAdam Wainwright - RBravesJair Jurrjens - R11-47W8.0O15-82-18-3-1157.09

Jun 08, 2012boxFriawayRangersMatt Harrison - LGiantsBarry Zito - L5-05W-2.5U14-50-15-0-1407.59

Sep 01, 2014boxMonawayNationalsGio Gonzalez - LDodgersRoberto Hernandez - R6-42W2.5O9-60-04-1-1207.59

May 20, 2016boxFriawayCubsJake Arrieta - RGiantsJake Peavy - R8-17W2.0O11-60-07-0-1887.09

May 22, 2018boxTueawayIndiansTrevor Bauer - RCubsTyler Chatwood - R10-19W3.0O11-100-010-0-1158.09

Jun 27, 2019boxThuawayDodgersWalker Buehler - RRockiesPeter Lambert - R12-84W7.5O17-161-14-2-21012.59

Apr 20, 2021boxTueawayWhite SoxCarlos Rodon - LIndiansZach Plesac - R-1158.0

Matchup Selection W/L
Soccer  |  Apr 20, 2021
Bayer Leverkusen vs Bayern Munich
OVER 3½ -102 Lost
Play Type: Top Premium

The Soccer totals play is on the OVER in the German Bundlesiga match between Bayern Leverkusen and Bayern Munich. Rotation numbers 202453/4. Our Simulation model popped here with an anticipated higher scoring affair with upwards of 5 goals here. Munich has gone over in 10 of their 14 games at home. In the series 7 of 9 between these two have played over3.5 goals. Munich probably wins here and will put a few past a Leverkusen team that is not too good on the road against the upper echelon teams. With Munich posting 51 goals at home over 14 fixtures and having dug deep to win their last match we can see this one as a quality shoot out that produces an abundance of scoring chances for both sides. Play the OVER.


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