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While it was a disappointing NFL Sunday (1-1-1), I'm still a *RED HOT* 31-13-1 overall the previous 12 days, which includes an ASTONISHING 15-3 in MLB! In addition to MNF, I've got my 10* NL Game of the Year on tap!
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Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Oct 03, 2022
Angels vs. A's
  at  ACE

The LA Angels are on a tear at the moment, winning their last seven straight. The As are struggling, giving up twice the number of runs than the Angels over their last seven games, and are a very poor bet as a home underdog. Sandoval starts for the Angels. He is 3-1, with an ERA of 2.11 over his last seven starts. He pitches better on the road, and after giving up 3 runs to the As last time out (his worst start in two months) is a prime candidate to bounce back today. Oakland’s starter Martinez has struggled, with short starts and a 5.92 ERA over his last seven starts. Take Sandoval and the stretch-happy Angels to go for 8 straight tonight, stealing this one from the As on the road.

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Oct 02, 2022
Browns vs Falcons
PK -118 at Ace
Play Type: Top Premium

The Browns, a small favorite, face the 1-2 Falcons at home in week 4. Brissett has looked pretty sharp as a stand-in, with a healthy 10th rated QB ranking and a solid performance last week. He had 2 Tds, 0 interceptions and a 109 passer rating in week 3, not to mention a 74% completion rate in his last two games. Then there is Chubb, and don’t forget about Hunt, making a very tough 1-2 punch on the top running game in the league. The Browns’ offense have been the best in the league in time of possession, and they don’t turn the ball over very often. The Falcons have been turnover-prone to date.

The Falcons have put up almost as many points as the Browns. Mariota had a solid game in week three, and has also run the ball well, but has been sacked more than average, and has already thrown 3 picks. The Falcons’ Patterson put up huge numbers on the run last week, and has been a surprise standout so far, but is questionable with a knee injury for week four. Other than Mariota, Patterson IS the Falcons running game. He is a huge loss if his play is compromised.

All eyes were on the Browns’ defense after week two’s catastrophic ending. They played much better in week three, and have been tough against the run, although were a bit sloppy last week. They have also been tough on opposing passers, although injuries will play a role in that regard this Sunday.

The Falcons defense is one of the worst in the league in a number of defensive categories, including points, total yards, and passing yards. They are just mid-pack in rushing categories, and while they are solid in QB pressure, the Browns’ O-line has protected Brissett well.

Look for another solid game from Brissett, and the Browns’ rush game to again dominate. If Patterson is compromised, things could go badly for the Falcons. Take the Browns to win.

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Oct 02, 2022
Washington Commanders vs Cowboys
-3 -115 at circa
Play Type: Top Premium

The Commanders, everyone’s latest whipping boys take on the Cowboys, already damned and redeemed this season. The Cowboys will likely start Cooper Rush again. Rush has been competent, if not at all spectacular, well protected by the Cowboys’ O-line, and has great receivers, including a returning Michael Gallup. Wentz has been a sitting duck behind an ineffective Washington O-line. Sacked as often as Burrows, no one has faced more QB pressure or the blitz than Wentz. Tough conditions to excel under. Sacked 9 times last week, the Commanders’ passing yards dropped by 100 yards from week two. Facing the Cowboys’ top of the line pass defense, it will likely be another long day for Wentz. Adding an indifferent run game, averaging just 86 yards a game, doesn’t aid the overall Commanders’ offense.

The Dallas run defense has not been as effective, allowing 130+ yds an attempt and nearly 5 yds per carry. The Giants ran for 167 yards last week. The overall defense has been very effective, limiting teams to just 17+ points a game to date.

The Cowboys have a pair of good running backs and a top 11 run game. The Commanders’ defense have not handled the run nor the pass well to date. Look for a good situation for Pollard and Elliott. It should also be Rush’s best opportunity for a breakthrough week. I see the Cowboys seriously limiting Wentz and the Commander’s offense, and scoring enough to both win and cover on Sunday.

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Oct 02, 2022
Vikings vs Saints
-2½ -110 at William Hill
Play Type: Premium

The Vikings and Saints travel to London, each with potentially serious holes in the line-up due to injuries.  The Vikings will have Cousins at QB, and he could be the difference maker today. We could see a bounce-back game from Jefferson but Cousins has plenty of targets if the Saints key on JJ as other teams have lately. The Saints have a huge butcher's bill and could be down to Dalton at QB.  Even if Winston plays there  are huge questions around his performances lately, with a 79 average passer rating and more interceptions than TDs to date. Both top running backs are questionable for Sunday.

On defense, neither team has excelled.  The Vikings have given up yards but not points, the Saints have been the reverse.  The Saints to date have been weaker against the run, and don't pressure the passer effectively.  The Vikings O-line has protected Cousins well, and not so for the Saints.

I am on the Vikings today.  They have fared well in London in previous games.  I expect them to win and cover on Sunday.

Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Oct 03, 2022
Cubs vs Reds
UNDER 7½ -105 Won
Play Type: Top Premium

The Cubs haven't hit especially well lately, but boy are they getting good pitching from all sides. Rookie Cubs' starter Wesneski has been an eye-opener, with 4 of his first 5 starts of the quality variety.  The Reds' rookie Hunter Greene has finally harnessed his huge potential and has been pitching very well of late.  The Reds are hitting worse than any team in the league lately, just .169/.497 in the last week. Greene should pitch long enough to keep the Reds' pen out of too much trouble.  The Cubs are getting solid support from their relievers.  Take this game to go under! 9*!

Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Oct 03, 2022
Cubs vs Reds
+119 at circa
Play Type: Top Premium


You have to feel for the Reds’ rookie pitcher Hunter Greene this year. He took it on the chin for weeks early in the season, then gets his act together with a fine 2.01 EAR in his last 7 starts and still can’t win, getting little support from the Reds’ bats or pen.

Meanwhile, the Cubs are loving it down the stretch, winning 9 of 10. While their bats are still sub-par, they are getting great pitching from all quarters, allowing just 6 runs total in their last 6 games. Wesneski, the Cubs’ fine young rookie has impressed, with 4 of his first 5 starts of the quality variety. He faced the Reds in August and blanked them over five innings.

The Reds are in the cellar on offense, hitting a remarkably poor .169/.497 in the last week and have the bullpen struggling as well. Take the Cubs to win again today, although it may take the full nine innings.

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Oct 03, 2022
Rams vs 49ers
UNDER 42½ -110 Won
Play Type: Top Premium

MNF week 4 brings us the next installment in the Rams/49ers’ rivalry. So what has the home team done well to date? Sterling defense in all three games; they’ve limited points and yards, have a great pass defense, and solid run defense. The 49ers are also very good in time of possession. One caveat; they have lost Trent Williams for this week. Their rush offense has been solid as well, although it did stumble vs Denver. The big question on pass defense, is how much can Jimmy G improve after a terrible effort against a very tough Broncos pass defense. The Rams’ defense has been solid against the run but has given up plenty of pass yards and is just average in Qb pressures. Will Garoppolo break out in Week 4? I don’t see it, although he does have a fine record against the Rams.

We know what Stafford is capable of, but he has only had middling results so far, including 5 interceptions. He had a good effort against the Cardinals last week, but faces a much tougher defensive beast on Monday. Stafford and the Rams’ 30th ranked run game were stymied by the Bills’ defense, which is similar in make-up to the 49ers’. My conclusion: neither team gets very many points for very different reasons. Take the Under on Monday.



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Before committing to sports investing full-time Rogers was working as a trouble shooter.  He was analyzing and resolving issues in failing workplaces. Rogers' career was intense and pressure-filled but he never stopped loving or following sports. With the advent of the Internet, participating in fantasy pools and investing in sports was a natural progression. Success followed. 

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Rogers officially turned "pro" in 2013. Since then, he's found success in EVERY sport. Right off the bat, his 2013 NHL season was nothing short of phenomenal. He won 67% of ALL plays (for the season!), going 97-48-4 and finishing +$24,786 in net profit! But many consider his most impressive achievement to date to be his incredible performance in the 2014 NFL playoffs. He was 18-3 overall, showing profits of more than +$13,000, and of course he had the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Not to be outdone, in 2015, Rogers put together an outstanding College Football regular season (+$13,944).Most recently, NBA was Rogers' biggest MONEY-MAKER! He just finished the (2016-17) season by going 116-67-6 with sides and on an overall 17-7 playoff run (4-1 Finals).For whatever reason, May has ALWAYS been Rogers "time of year." 2016 saw him turn a $25,358 profit for the month. Incredibly, May of '17 was EVEN MORE PROFITABLE at $27,960.But even though NBA is now over, don't expect the profits to stop ROLLING in. Rogers has been *ON FIRE* throughout the first half of the MLB season!

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Rogers and his team take pride in their day-to-day knowledge about every team on the board. They have a wide variety of proven handicapping techniques in their arsenal. Knowing when to utilize and employ is key. Quite frankly, methods will vary from day-to-day, sport-to-sport and week-to-week. Nothing works forever. An ability to shift on the fly and to adjust to changing market conditions keeps the Rogers' group ahead of the curve. 

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