If you are looking for college basketball betting information then you have come to the right place. This is a long season, starting in November and not ending until the buzzer sounds in the last game of the final four and we will be right here providing you with the help you need to be a better college basketball handicapper all season long. This section contains a lot of valuable information for the sports bettor and we do our best to add more and more sources to make it even better for our visitors.

Our betting section includes live college basketball odds for every division 1-A school on the board. This odds feed comes from our favorite basketball sportsbook, Bovada.  Bovada has great customer service that actually speaks English as their first language and provides easy to use deposit and payout methods. Bovada also has their own in-house linesmaker which means that you will get odds that are different from other sportsbooks. This is key to college basketball handicappers who are looking to make serious money over the long haul. A point or two in your favor can turn a push into a win and over the course of an entire season these will add up significantly.

The college basketball season is one of the longest and has the most games to choose from. This is why it is even more important that you have a handicapper that you can trust or else you can lose a lot of money betting on the hardwood. The handicappers on our site produce winning college basketball picks season after season so you can feel extremely comfortable picking up a premium package from any of these guys. If you aren’t ready to step up to a premium package then feel free to check out all of the college basketball free picks we have on this site. The companies that list free picks here are some of the best monitoring sites on the internet today and list quality handicappers.

For those of you that want to make your own picks we have all of the trends, matchups, standings, schedules, and other tools that you will ever need to get started down the right track. All of this college basketball betting information comes absolutely free of charge as all we want is to help you make picks that put extra money in your pocket. After you do put this money in your pocket though you should make sure that you are using one of the recommended sportsbooks listed on this site. We use all of these ourselves to place our bets at these offshore books so you can feel comfortable giving them your action as well.