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**WARNING** Schule's NFL plays are known to cause increased heart rate and an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Playing these on a regular basis can result in an increase of disposable cash and can cause your bankroll to swell uncontrollably. It is not recommended to participate in these wagers if you have any allergic reactions to COLD HARD CASH!

Rickenbach NHL *NBCSN Blowout Rout* Wednesday *He is 9-0 / 100% NHL!*

UP $35,014 in NHL this season and HUGE YEAR (2020) for Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach! He has had 6 STRAIGHT WINNING months! Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Jul, Aug - ALL WINNING months! Among BEST IN BUSINESS for Big Game SUCCESS, his NHL on 15-4 run including 9-0 / 100% L9 and 4 were BIG DOG WINS! Money Line Wednesday! Another DOG? He is 9-0 / 100% PERFECT!

Stephen Nover's Stanley Cup Total of the Week - 67% NHL Totals!

Stephen Nover is beating the NHL for the fourth straight season aided by his tremendous totals record. Stephen has won 67 percent of his last 24 Over/Under hockey plays and has another totals winner on today's Stanley Cup matchup. So stack the odds high in your favor by taking advantage of Stephen's expertise, top information and powerful, proven track record on his top total this week! 

NHL Money Line on Lightning v. Stars *559-439 Run*!

**#14 ranked Overall handicapper on this site!**

**#1 ranked NHL in 2015-16**
**#4 ranked NHL in 2008-09**
**#5 ranked NHL in 2010-11**
**#5 ranked NHL in 2011-12**
**#10 ranked NHL in 2009-10**
**#4 ranked Overall in 2012**
**#5 ranked Overall in 2008**
**#5 ranked Overall in 2011**

Doc's Sports is on an impressive 559-439 (56%) run over his last 1033 OVERALL picks! Join the same handicapper that has made $1,000/game bettors $74,060 since July 09, 2019 with his Money Line on Lightning v. Stars!

As always, this play comes GUARANTEED TO WIN or the next day is FREE!


***LUDICROUS 28-6 RUN*** AAA Sports just keeps getting HOTTER & HOTTER! They were a PERFECT 6-0 in NFL Week 2 and a PERFECT 10-0 OVERALL on Sunday/Monday! 

Keep in mind that AAA had already been winning BIG since returning from lockdown. Now 151-83-2 overall since July 23rd! They won Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals (TB). Here's the Game 3 winner!

20* Lightning/Stars NHL Sharp Money Top Play!

**#7 Ranked NHL Capper**

**#2 Ranked Overall Capper in 2017**
**#6 Ranked Overall Capper in 2016**
**#9 Ranked Overall Capper in 2019**

Steve Janus is a proven expert in the NHL! He's working on a 60% (59-39) Over L101 NHL Picks! This hot streak has his $1,000 Players Up $24,170!

Don't miss out on a golden opportunity to build your bankroll with Steve'sLightning/Stars NHL Sharp Money Top Play ($34.95)!

This can't miss premium play is GUARANTEED TO PROFIT or the next day of NHL is FREE!

Fargo's 10* NHL Wednesday Breakaway (409-321 +$42,088 Run)

The NHL postseason is back in action and Matt is on a RAMPAGE with a SICK 21-10 run! He continues the HUGE haul in profits and Wednesday he has isolated another play that is bound for a winner! The NHL has been off the charts the last few years as he is a SMOKING 409-321 (+$42,088) since 2017-18! NHL Breakaway rolls Wednesday!

Bryan Leonard's NHL Playoff Game of the Week

We've been extremely selective with our NBA and NHL playoff selections. In fact, we have had strong success picking and choosing our spots all season. Well tonight we step out with a sizable play on the ice. 

*Lightning/Stars* - Dustin's NHL 10 DIME DOMINATOR!

Get ready to cash those Wednesday tickets guys! I have my TEN DIME NHL Dominator going on Lightning/Stars and you are NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS OUT!

I've gone on a 64-42 (60%) RUN in Overall and I look to continue that success here tonight.

If you have been following along and playing $1k per game you'd be UP $22,510 during this recent stretch.

I think there is A LOT OF VALUE on this play, but if it doesn't cash you will ...

Wednesday Premium NHL Pick - Lightning/Stars (Total)

Premium selection by Calvin King for Wednesday on the Total for Lightning v. Stars!

**#11 ranked NHL handicapper on this site!**

All packages come guaranteed to show a profit or the next day of NHL picks will be added to your account free of charge.

Alex Smart Sports- NHL Sharp Money- Late Steam ( ML)

 The Dallas Stars and the Tampa Bay Lightning go head to head in Game 3 of their play off series this Wednesday night. Join me for tonights ML winner and until the Stanley Cup Finals end and watch your ROI go through the roof! Puck drops after 8 pm et


<b>Al McMordie CASHED the Lightning on Monday (and is 18-7</b> his last 25 overall).  Here, pick up Big Al's Game 3 Lightning/Stars Winner, as Big Al looks to move his hot streak to 19-7 his last 26.  Don't miss out on the ICE COLD CASH.  Get <b>Big Al's NHL SLAPSHOT CLUB WINNER</b> right now!

NHL Wednesday Total Dominator on Lightning/Stars!

**#14 ranked NHL handicapper on this site!**

**#10 ranked ALL SPORTS in 2017**

I'm looking to continue my impressive 251-221 (53%) run over the last 509 ALL SPORTS picks! Join me as I have made $1,000/game bettors $10,170 since February 11, 2020!

Get in on one of the BEST over/unders for sale on the site today for NHL. It's my TOTAL DOMINATOR on Lightning v. Stars and it will "Totally Dominate!"

We have a significant advantage in the line tonight and will CASH, GUARANTEED or the ...


30-9 NHL run continues! Sean is putting his INCREDIBLE NHL playoff tear to the test with a 10* TOP RATED side winner featuring Game 3 between the Lightning and Stars on Wednesday night! Don't make a move on the ice before checking in with Murph first; punch your ticket now!


**#6 ranked Overall in 2014**


This package is GUARANTEED TO PROFIT or Mike's next NFL card is FREE!


Off ANOTHER 2-0 SWEEP, Rogers is now a SOLID 54-43 +$6K with ALL picks in the month of September! Good, but now he's ready to make it GREAT! Another PERFECT SWEEP is predicted for Wednesday - don't even consider missing out!

NHL Lightning v. Stars *509-372 Run* Wednesday!

**#1 ranked NHL in 2009-10**
**#1 ranked NHL in 2011-12**
**#2 ranked NHL in 2010-11**
**#2 ranked NHL in 2013-14**
**#8 ranked NHL in 2017-18**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2011**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2013**
**#6 ranked Overall in 2010**


Johnny Banks is on an EPIC 509-372 (58%) run over his last 958 NHL picks! Johnny Banks has made $1,000/game bettors $95,990 since February 22, 2011 with his Total on Lightning v. Stars!

As always, this play comes GUARANTEED!

R&R Totals TOP NHL Over-Under Wednesday *126-89 Run*!

**#12 ranked Overall handicapper on this site!**
**#4 ranked NHL in 2010-11**
**#7 ranked NHL in 2009-10**
**#8 ranked NHL in 2008-09**
**#10 ranked NHL in 2011-12**
**#2 ranked Overall in 2015**
**#9 ranked Overall in 2011**
**#10 ranked Overall in 2008**

R&R Totals has a TOP OVERALL Over-Under for Wednesday! Now an impressive 127-90 (59%) over his last 235 OVERALL picks! Join us and make money like the $1,000 per game clients who are up $30,460 since February 29, 2020!

Remember, our plays come GUARANTEED TO WIN!

Ricky's NHL **PUNISHER** - 66-34 (+$20,194) LAST 100 ATS!

**AMAZING 66-34 (+$20,194) LAST 100 ATS**

2020 hasn't been kind to most people, but Ricky Tran and those who follow his advice have earned record profits.

Check out our overall leaderboards for the last 180 days, and you will see that Ricky is TOP DOG in 2020!

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